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Jan. 20th, 2011

It's been a few months since i've posted here, since this is more of my private journal and i've been using my other account for my lurking and community posting. so I figure maybe a picture of the girls, since they are 2 now. this was from the other half's family's Xmas eve party, I found a rockinghorse someone had thrown out and restored it. the girls loved it. also, don't mind the huge scratch on Jaya's face, her step-grandma's cat fell on her, the scratch is all gone now, minimal scaring. This was Juno giving her sissy a kiss.

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They definitely look like daddy, but everyone says they're starting to look more like me in the face (they've always had my family's signature nose)  which makes sense, since most women in my family look alike  in the face.

They've pretty much outgrown their slings, and have pretty much self weaned at this point, which makes me sad, but hey, if thats what they want, it's not my place to argue.  They can say simple words and imitate noises.  they mostly still speak "twin" though, so while they comunicate fine, it's not in english, and sometimes i feel like they're falling behind,  but then i have to remind myself that twins are usually a little slower to learn their native language because of their invented language.

We also came to an interesting agreement as far as schooling goes.  We have a charter farm school here in Tampa called Learning Gate Academy.  The other half went there as a small child.  we've decided that because that's an awesome experience that i cannot give with homeschooling(that wouldnt cost me an arm and a leg anyways), we will enroll them there for a bit (since they're so independently minded anyways) and then when they get a bit older and have a school experience under their belt, let them choose whether to stay or to go back to unschooling at home


chickens, round two

we went to the feed store today to see what they have in. they have some very sweet social reds that were specifically bred as layers instead of the normal duel-purpose. score! so i'm getting back to work double time to get things ready.

they also had some older Domoniques, they were friendly in that "i was to peck your hand to death" sort of way lol, but i think chris has his heart set on the reds.

now, does anyone have a favorite coop design they care to share? of course the chicks would be kept inside until they are grown, but they'll eventually have to go out into a coop, so i was wondering what any of my poultry-lover friends like as far as coop designs.


(please note - i do not measure as i cook so amounts listed are approximations)

1 lb of red potatoes
1/2 cp milk
2 TBS butter
1 cp diced carrots
1 cp green peas
1 lb ground turkey
5 or 6 slices of swiss cheese(we used a raw milk swiss here)
salt, pepper, curry powder


quarter the red potatoes(dont peel) and put in pot of water to boil.
while you wait for that, brown the turkey in a frying pan, drain off excess grease.
when potatoes are soft (poke with a fork) drain and put potatoes in a bowl. mash with milk and butter. add salt, pepper, and curry to taste.
in an oven-safe container, add mashed potatoes with the edges higher than the middle. add browned turkey, carrots, peas, and top with cheese.
bake at 350° for 35 min. enjoy!

Aug. 29th, 2010

and now for an upper note, the girls have taken to posing like little models whenever daddy brings out his camera. even if their idea of posing is giving the "duck face" or putting on "drowsy eyes"


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Fathers Day

Papa Bear and the twins:
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Juno snuck off with one of the cards and sat by the door to read it.
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18 months now.  so beautiful.


Green things appear!

My garden has green things in it now! I'm so excited!Pics under cut!Collapse )

Mmmm chili!

I just made the most amazing chili today, i thought i'd share how i made it.  it's a vegetarian recipe (but don't worry, you don't have to be a veg to enjoy it!) all measurements are estimations since I'm not the kind to measure while i cook.

Basically, I took my deep pasta pot and added

3 cups of dried black beans (soaked overnight)

3 cups of corn(fresh or frozen)

1/2 cup yellow curry powder

3 Tbs Ground red pepper

2 tsp Cayene pepper

1 Bottle of V8

4 Cups water


Bring ingredients to a boil, stir, reduce heat to low and let simmer for 3 or 4 hours.  go read a book or play a game while it cooks,  You'll know it's done when the black beans are soft.

I like to serve the chili with grated or sliced cheese in it with a small dallop of sour cream on top.


Guten Essen! Mange!

Garden is Go!

I just finished up my spring planting, and have taken some pictures to share.  This year we have Bell peppers, jalapenos, broccoli, kale, okra, black beans, chick peas, snow peas, green runner beans, corn, radishes, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, garlic, chives, lavender, oregano, basil, tarragon, sage, thyme, peppercorns, cloves, as well as the pineapple plants my mom gave me when she moved, and I started an Avocado tree as well.

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